Assembly (Breadboard)

NOTE: This article is for construction your EDTracker device into some breadboard. If you want to use a PCB to marry the components together, check out our other article.

Constructing your device with breadboard is very easy. No soldering is needed, although you will need to solder the header pins into your Arduino and GY-521 development board if you haven't already. You then simply wire up the components according to the following diagrams (use whichever you find easier to follow).

With thanks to forum member Shadowcat for the diagram With thanks to forum member IsaacS for the diagram

To summarise :-

  • Arduino VCC (5v USB power) --> VCC pin on MPU board
  • Arduino pin 10 --> one side of switch
  • Arduino Pin 7 --> INT pin on MPU board
  • Arduino Pin 3 --> SCL pin on MPU board
  • Arduino Pin 2 --> SDA pin on MPU board
  • Finally, join all the following pins as a common earth/ground
    • 3x GND pins on Arduino
    • GND on MPU board
    • AD0 on MPU board
    • The *other* side of the switch that you wired up to pin 10 above

Pay attention to the momentary switch, particularly if you are using a 4-pin tactile button. On such buttons, the pins OPPOSITE each other are joined internally and are electrically equivalent. Pay attention to the detail in the pictures above, and orientate your button correctly!