Assembly (Protoboard)

Building your device in breadboard is very simple but can result in a relatively large device, cumbersome for inclusion onto a headset or cap. A common and cheap approach is to build the components into a piece of prototyping board, commonly referred to as "protoboard". This is a small strip of material with lots of through-hole solder pads arranged in a grid formation, allowing you to install and solder components into something permanent and then link the appropriate pins with short runs of wire. An ideal basis for this approach is the DIY Head Tracker Bundle from Hobby Components - you'll just need to source a few short piece of wire. You can assemble the components in pretty much any way you desire, however you should ensure that the MPU board does not sit upside-down; there is no setting in the software for an upside-down MPU board at this stage.

Community member, Bartybee, has put together a great little guide on how to build your device into protoboard. A big thanks to Bartybee for putting it together and contributing it to the site.

If you think you need it even easier, then the simplest way is to buy our custom PCB to marry all the parts together.