Frequently Asked Questions - Using

FAQs - Using

Questions related to general use of the EDTracker

No, it just emulates a generic 3-axis joystick. So any game or software that can take joystick inputs as controls for head look should be able to use it. On top of this, with the use of the excellent 3rd party software Opentrack, you can use EDTracker with any game that supports the Freetrack or TrackIR protocols.

  • Are you definitely using a USB data cable and not a charging cable? Some cables used by mobile phones only carry power but not data - try another cable.
  • We have seen cases where USB3 ports don't work with the device - try it on another port or, even better, another computer.

So far we've seen no cases of the device not being recognised (typically as an Arduino Leonardo or EDTracker2 device) - in most cases it is simply a case of the Windows driver stack being borked, missing drivers, incorrect cable or incorrect USB port.

The short answer is yes - it will greatly improve your experience. If you have purchased one pre-built, we will calibrate it for you so it should be ready to go, but variables such as environment and locate can introduce changes; temperature in particular. Your device may benefit from periodic re-calibration, but it should not need to be a regular activity.

The calibration differs slightly depending upon the type of device you are using. Please follow the instructions in the user guide for your particularly version - available for download in theĀ Downloads section of the website.

No. The GUI is mainly for flashing and calibration. The only reason to leave it running is if you want to make use of the "Recentre Hotkey". Always minimise it before gameplay; this reduces CPU load but is also very important for 6050 users as it enables the 'auto-recentering' feature. If left maximised, auto-recentre is disabled to allow calibration to work effectively.